Keep Moving When Life Sucks….

I didn’t even want to get out of bed.

Exercise was the last thing on my mind. I had no money. My relationship was failing. There was no food in the refrigerator.  My business was at a standstill and the last ounce of hope I had left with letter that I had just put in the mailbox begging the bank for mercy on their intent to repossess my car. I wanted to give up on life and what good would going out for a morning jog do for a body in a life that I wanted to end.

I wasn’t living. I had let my current situation and my lack of material things determine my level of happiness. It was an all-time low of my life. I didn’t care about green drinks and processed carbs nor was I concerned with strength training reps or burned calories.  On the outside looking in I was this expert fitness trainer and nutrition coach and I all I wanted to do was crawl in my little black hole and drown in a box of donuts.

Life wasn’t going the way I had planned so I thought  that maybe if I sat and soaked in my sorrow I’d have a whip of good luck and I would be pulled out of my misery and gently placed on top of the world where I wanted to be. When that didn’t happen there was a domino effect of misery. I wasn’t happy about my finances, so I became unhappy in my relationship and became lazy at home and I stopped working out and I stopped eating well so I became unhappy with my state of mind and began to feel like a failure and began to wish my life away. It was a detrimental downhill fall all because I failed to take control of my emotions in the beginning.

It’s so easy to be sad when things aren’t going your way, when you aren’t where you want to be, or when things didn’t work out how you planned. It’s easy to sit stagnant. That takes no effort or thought. How could I care about exercise when my view of life was that it sucked? The struggle comes when you choose to move forward despite the circumstance. This is what I learned.  That when you can make it through your workout when all you want to do is cry; when you can commit to writing that article even if there was a good chance that no one would read it; when you can choose joy even while sorting through the stacks of late notices from unpaid bills change will come.

It’s only when you decide to LIVE at every stage of your life that you will begin to take a genuine interest in your state of wellbeing. It sounds crazy but happiness really is a choice and your decision to choose it will catapult you into new levels and open up a profound sense of gratitude that will carry you though the questionable times in your life.

After you’ve found that appreciation and love for life you’ll be excited to continue workout, eat well and take care of yourself even after that breakup, after you’ve gotten fired, after you read those disconnect notices, etc….

So, if you find yourself in a state of sadness like where I once was I am asking you to pick yourself up and move forward in spite of what you see. Get out of bed, go for that walk, and choose joy. Take control of your life and your mental space. Only then will you see change.

Keep moving, and if this has helped you comment below and let me know and if you’re interested in more of my story about how I made it through sucky times in life please click the button below and order my new book EATING WELL WHEN EATING WELL SUCKS



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