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Kimberly Y. Fleming (also known as Kim F.) is passionate about all things health and wellness. She loves everything that is aimed at improving an individual’s overall lifestyle and well being. Her  desire to make a positive impact on people cause her to leave a previous career in law and work her way to the top of the health and fitness industry. Her career has expanded to reach even more people through motivational speaking, writing, product spokes modeling and more
____________________ After losing her father to cancer, she decided to dedicate her life to share her  passion with the world and  began helping people achieve what is vital to a longer, healthier life.

Her  goal is to bring knowledge to the world so that we no longer look at being fit as a burden. She wants to change the mindset that fitting a few minutes of exercise into our daily routine will set us back.  She finds joy in seeing the faces of her clients after they reached a goal that was deemed impossible.

Kimberly is the founder of  Keep it Moving Fitness, home workout movement that pushes people off the couch. She created the National Health Initiative, Healthy Chomp, which gives incentives for people to choose healthier options while dining out.

Kimberly is an outgoing person and has a way of bringing the best out of the people. Her never ending smile has landed her features in several national and regional publications such as Facets Mag, World Physique Mag, Salt Magazine and more.

A foodie at heart, Kimberly was announced a top Food Buzz Publisher for her recipes and unique spin on food presentation. When she is not in the kitchen she is out training for the next marathon or triathlon.  She is extremely blessed to have found a career in the field that she absolutely adores.



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